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Gamma Knife

Benefits of Gamma Knife

The Gamma Knife has been used in the treatment of more than 200,000 patients at leading healthcare institutions worldwide. Almost half of these Gamma Knife centers are located in the U.S., and University Neurosurgery at LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport is the first in the state of Louisiana to acquire this technologically-advanced machine. 




Backed by years of experience in treating patients with Gamma Knife radiosurgery, University Neurosurgery continues to further its reputation of providing state-of-the-art technology with emphasis on quality patient care.




Unique Treatment Possibilities


The procedure stands unique in its ability to reach areas of the brain that remain inaccessible through conventional surgery. This enables patients who were once considered inoperable due to deeply seated abnormalities or critically located lesions to receive treatment/cure for their disorders.


It also provides additional treatment options to those who have previously undergone conventional treatments or those who do not wish to undergo procedures such as the craniotomy. In addition, it offers treatment options to those who cannot qualify for surgery due to health problems or advanced age.


Non-invasive and Cost-effective


Through its non-invasive approach to neurological disorders, Gamma Knife radiosurgery has proven to be a highly cost-effective method of treatment. By significantly reducing hospital stays and eliminating post-operative complications such as infection and hemorrhage, the procedure can cost 30 - 70 percent less than conventional surgery.


With these reduced complications and hospital stays, patients can enjoy a higher quality of life, returning to their normal lifestyle almost immediately after treatment.


Sophisticated Technology and Experienced Staff


Patients who choose Gamma Knife radiosurgery at LSUHSC for the treatment of their neurological disorders can remain confident that their surgery is performed using the most advanced technology and experienced staff in the field.


Gamma Knife surgery is extremely precise, virtually painless, and highly effective in treating disorders of the brain. Backed by the years of experience of the Gamma Knife team and more than 679 procedures completed since 1999, the Gamma Knife Center at LSUHSC – Shreveport stands as the premiere choice for radiosurgical care in the South.