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LSUHSC-Shreveport is a Level-1 trauma center with a 26- bed surgical intensive care unit, Neuro ICU, and a dedicated neurosurgery ward.

Two CT scanners, an MRI scanner, an angiography suite, Gamma Knife, Interventional Radiology Suite, and a PET scan are on site. Clinic space includes LSUHSC-Shreveport and private hospital facilities. A total of five clinics are located throughout Shreveport-Bossier City.

The medical center also serves as a charity hospital for all of North Louisiana and is a referral center for indigent care for more than one million people. This creates a unique educational environment allowing residents to see patients in an outpatient setting for evaluation of surgical procedures.

Ambulatory Care Clinic (Resident Clinic)
Presently, approximately 150 cases per month are seen in the outpatient Ambulatory Care Clinic, which is staffed by neurosurgery attendings, allowing residents to make decisions regarding surgical indications of patients.
Willis Knighton Health System
Willis-Knighton is ranked one of the top 100 hospitals in the country. The hospital has an emergency room with 24 - hour coverage, a 12 - bed surgical ICU, and a 25 - bed unit shared by neurosurgery and orthopedics. There are 16 operating rooms and a high volume of spinal instrumentation cases are performed at this center. In addition, there is a dedicated leased clinic building with six rooms and facilities for minor procedures. The facility is located less than three miles from the primary teaching facility.
Gamma Knife Suite
The Leksell Gamma Knife offers specialized training to residents through the use of the newest breakthrough in "knifeless neurosurgery." The Gamma Knife experience prepares residents for the demands and expertise of radiosurgery.
Skull Base Laboratory

The Skull Base Lab offers residents the opportunity to develop precise surgical skills through the study of neuroanatomy, skull base anatomy, and other neurosurgical approaches with the Zeiss Controves neurosurgical operating microscope, a neurosurgical drill system, microinstruments, and digital monitoring devices. Currently, Skull Base Lab participants work in close collaboration with the anatomy department in order to obtain cadaver heads for education.

Protocols for microsurgical dissection and perfusion of intracranial arteries have been developed to allow residents the opportunity to study neuroanatomy and neurosurgical approaches. Residents have the opportunity to participate in research through our Neurosurgery research division. In the Neurosurgery Animal Research Laboratory, residents acquire knowledge of disease progression, and potential mechanisms of vasospasm and ischemic stroke, along with their treatment modalities.

Neuro Interventional Suite

The Neuro Interventional Radiology Suite opened in the Summer of 2007 offering residents the opportunity to study minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat disorders of the blood vessels of the spine, neck and head.

Approximately 250-300 Neuro Interventional procedures are performed each year. Endovascular techniques are used to treat Aneurysms, AVMs, CCFs, Cerebrovascular Stenosis, Spinal Malformations, Strokes, Vascular Tumors, and Vasospasm.

The Neuro Interventional suite provides high quality digital fluoroscopy along with numerous special features for guiding these procedures. Real-time 3D angiography and 3D roadmapping allow for improved treatment planning as well as the ability to navigate wires and catheters directly on the 3D image. This digital imaging also allows acquisition of CT quality images with multiplanar reconstruction to detect any evidence of bleeding, significant swelling or development of hydrocephalus without leaving the suite.

With ever increasing complexity of procedures in interventional neuroradiology, multimodality integration, image quality and advanced interventional tools are becoming indispensable.

Neuro Intensive Care Unit
  The Neuro ICU has 10 beds and is staffed with Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurses. Our Neuro ICU's expert team of physicians and nurses has extensive training and experience in both neurology and critical care. They provide round-the-clock surveillance, state-of-the-art monitoring technology, and specialized treatments aimed at minimizing any immediate or delayed brain damage and maximizing a patient's chance for full recovery.