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Gamma Knife

The Gamma Knife

The Gamma Knife is revolutionary in the treatment of neurological disorders in that it, unlike conventional surgery, requires no incision or opening of the skull. Rather, it uses sources of radioactive Cobalt-60 for generating gamma-ray beams.The microscopic beams are digitally focused onto a specific pre-determined target within the brain, delivering a calculated amount of  radiation. Targets are so precise that surrounding healthy tissue near the targeted area receives minimal radiation doses.


The Gamma Knife is backed by over 30 years of research, evaluation, and clinical use. The safe and effective procedure boasts results demonstrating minimum morbidity and no mortality related to the treatment.







The machine consists of a large, fixed interhemispheric shield which contains the sources of Cobalt-60 radiation. The beams are directed through the 201 portals located on the helmet, where the stereotactic frame is attached. The cushioned couch moves the patient into the shield during treatment. 


Developed in 1968 by Swedish Professor Lars Leksell, the Gamma Knife is an innovative and complex instrument designed for planning and delivering high doses of radiation to precise locations within the brain. 


It has proven highly effective in treating numerous neurological disorders, including arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), benign and malignant brain tumors, and trigeminal neuralgia.Gamma Knife radiosurgery is also proving to be a viable option in the treatment of functional disorders, including Parkinson’s Disease and essential tremor.


Gamma Knife radiosurgery provides patients with a noninvasive alternative to conventional neurosurgery and makes it possible for surgeons to target areas of the brain once considered inaccessible. It also provides treatment options to select patients who may not qualify for conventional surgery due to health problems or advanced age.


Another advantage of radiosurgery is that there are very few real contraindications for this treatment. The age of the patient, co-existing medical conditions, anesthetic risks, and prolonged hospitalization cease to become an issue when the patient is being considered for a Gamma Knife thalamotomy for tremor control.