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Top Doctors in Shreveport-Bossier City
SB Magazine
Published Monday, October 1, 2007
by Kelly Flowers

Every year SB Magazine dedicates one issue to honoring top doctors and dentists in our area. It’s our small way of bringing recognition to those hardworking men and women whose careers have dedicated to helping people in need. The list however, is only beginning, because behind every name on that list are hundreds, if not thousands, of patients with their own stories to tell. It’s the relationship that patients establish with their doctors that can make all the difference.


Along with the list that SB publishes each year, we also like to include an article about some aspect of the medical community, something positive that reflects on how doctors can make a difference in people’s lives. This year, we wanted to look at a few doctors from their patients’ perspectives.


Josh Porter has loved basketball all his life. The LSUS student began shooting hoops when he was just a kid, so it was no surprise that he excelled in the sport throughout his high school and college years. When Josh began his senior year last fall, everything had fallen into place for him to play his best year ever. One of the first games his team played was against Southwest Assemblies of God.


“It was just a normal game,” Josh said. “We had a nice crowd there. I was going for a steal and I jumped pretty high, and a teammate of mine was going for the same ball, but he was running. We collided and it knocked me off my feet directly onto the back of my neck.”


In basketball, serious injuries are not a common occurrence, but even so, the crowd seemed to sense that this was no ordinary fall. “I didn’t see it clearly, but I heard the contact of him hitting the floor said Chad McDowell, head men’s basketball coach at LSUS. “You could just feel it, just one big gasp of air throughout the crowd. The ref stopped the game immediately.”


Dazed, and lying on the court, Josh couldn’t feel any pain; his whole body had gone numb. “I would describe it as being buried alive, not in the sense of being in a closed space, I could see all the fans standing up, I could see all the lights…I just couldn’t move. I couldn’t feel my mom rubbing my eyebrows. “He smiled and added, “When I fell, I think my mother was already there before I even hit the ground.”


At the hospital, fellow teammates, trainers and coaches waited anxiously to hear what the doctors had to say. The news was not good; Josh had a broken neck. “When the doctors told me my neck was broken, tears just started coming down,” Josh said. “It was very emotional. The one thing I can honestly that came to mind through all of that is, God it’s your time now.”


The next day, spinal surgeon Dr. Anil Nanda came into Josh’s life. “When he walked in, it was like…how can I put it… I want to say royalty. Because when he comes in, he has his team of doctors with him, and it’s like, he’s coming to take care of business. I could tell right off that he was someone that the Lord had sent to take care of me. There was an intense feeling about him, but he’s calm. He told me everything was going to be okay. That really put me at ease. I thought, okay, he’s exactly what I need.”


Dr. Nanda performed surgery on Josh’s neck and spine, and when the surgery was over, he said something Coach McDowell will never forget. “Dr. Nanda’s first words after surgery were, ‘Josh you’re a blessed young man.’ He said that 99 percent of people who experienced that injury would be paralyzed for the rest of their lives.”


After months of physical rehabilitation, Josh has fully recovered. “The one thing that Josh had going for him is that he’s a very positive person, “said Dr. Nanda. “He looks for the good in everything. He never complained, he was an insufferable optimist. That has a lot to do with healing.” He’s done so well, in fact, that Dr. Nanda released the young college student from his care, and Josh is back doing what he loves most - playing basketball.


“I think the sky is the limit for Josh,” said Coach McDowell. He can do well in anything he chooses.”


As for Dr. Nanda, both Josh and Coach McDowell have only the highest regards. “From the time I met him, I knew that the Lord put him there,” said Josh. That creates a special bond in my heart, and I know it does his, too. Our relationship probably as close as a doctor-patient relationship can get.”


Coach McDowell added, “You hear story after story about how great a doctor he is, but he’s even that much better of a person.”

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