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How to Refer Patients

University Neurosurgery understands the importance of the bond between a referring physician and his patient.

If your patient is referred to one of our clinics for care, it is our promise that each step of treatment will be communicated to you and the patient will be returned to your care just as soon as is appropriate. Providing the best possible care for all patients is our first priority.

To schedule an appointment for your patient with a Neurosurgeon, please call 318.795.2638 or 1.888.740.7246.

We want to provide you with all pertinent information needed to make the referral process as easy as possible.

Verify insurance

Fax the following items to 318.675.6861:

  • Referral or authorization for patient visit
  • Diagnosis/why is the patient coming for a visit Relevant Doctor notes, tests, film reports
  • Demographics/fact sheet which includes:
      • Patient name
      • Address
      • Phone number
      • Insurance information
      • Doctor’s name
      • Doctor’s phone number
  • Films will be needed for patient appointment

Once all information is faxed, the patient is more than welcome to call the office at 318.795.2638.

Please forward patient records and films to our office:

LSU Health Sciences Center
in Shreveport

Dept. of Neurosurgery - Nursing Office
1501 Kings Highway
PO Box 33932
Shreveport, LA 71130-3932