June 17, 2024
The Best Pilates Abs Exercise DVDs For Lower Ab Workouts

Hundreds of Pilate’s abdominal exercise DVDs are available on the market. What technique do you apply to make your decision? First and foremost, have you tried Pilates? Pilate’s abdominal training DVDs may be found on the shelves of your favorite bookshop or at your local DVD rental business. You’re sure to find some Pilates exercise DVDs for your next fitness session, whether you’re attempting to lose weight or maintain your fitness throughout pregnancy.

Pilates abdominal training DVDs conducted by a Pilates professional and provide a comprehensive body workout are the finest. Pilates is a total-body workout! Most Pilates mat exercise DVDs will cover this, while some will concentrate on lower ab workouts. Others could focus on leg, arm, or buttock exercises. Here is a few training Pilates Just for You in DVD format:

Mari Winsor (interviewer):

Mari is a well-known celebrity favorite and a commercialized great seller. Her DVDs follow a classic format and go at a fast speed. Her Winsor Pilates DVDs are designed for experienced Pilates practitioners, not for Pilates beginners. On the other hand, her manner is laid-back, and her Pilates method is more classical and calisthenic.


Another smash hit. Moira’s DVDs are incredibly safe, slow, and well-explained. Her motion is slower than that of a more traditional approach. She’s taken the Pilates method and combined it with contemporary biomechanical research, so you’ll be in good hands, albeit you might need a cup of coffee to get through it.

Pilates Just For You

Ana Caban

Ana’s DVDs are distributed through Gaiam. She’s pleasant to be around, and her workouts are simple to follow. However, I always have the feeling that something is lacking. I never feel like my workouts are over. She is the most knowledgeable and kind person you will find in any Pilates abs exercise DVD. They’re a solid option.

Kryzanowska, Romana:

Romana is a Pilate’s legend who learned under Joseph Pilates. She teaches how she’s capable. “What Joe taught me,” she says. What you get is the closest thing to what Pilates himself invented. Her DVDs are not for the faint of heart! Even the most basic motions may be too tricky for a Pilates newbie. But it’s genuine and enjoyable, and it’s ultimately highly refreshing!


Be cautious of Pilates abs exercise DVDs that include workouts for several body areas. Lower ab workouts and ab exercises on Pilates DVDs are not comprehensive ideas. Pilates is a total-body exercise. Choose from a variety of Pilates abs exercise DVDs. Alternatively, locate a qualified instructor in your region and schedule a lesson.

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