June 17, 2024
A Guideline For Beginners The Advantage Of Dry Needling and How It Works

Acupuncture… for several years we have been hearing about it more and more often and surely we all know someone who has undergone a session at least once.

How acupuncture works

The operator’s task is to frame the disorder within the constitution of the individual, trying to understand the origin of the disease, to distinguish between secondary symptoms (perhaps those that led you to his study) and the primary ones (the profound origin of the disease) , to decide whether it is more useful to dedicate oneself initially to the former or to concentrate on the latter from the beginning https://www.activephysiotherapy.net.au

Acupuncture consists in pricking specific points with needles located along a complex structure of energy channels, called meridians, which run through our entire body.

The insertion of small needles in specific points helps to rebalance the vital forces and restore the body to its optimal functionality.

Oriental medicine, a holistic discipline par excellence, in fact aims to treat the person as a whole and not individual diseases, in an isolated way.

Each acupuncture point, when stimulated, produces a specific therapeutic effect thanks to the production of endorphins, but is also mediated by the activation of a corresponding area in the central nervous system.


The insertion of the needle has multiple biological effects.

In addition to the restoration of brain connections, recently demonstrated, we know that acupuncture, by stimulating areas richer in vessels and nerves than neighboring areas, involves the release of endogenous substances, relaxes the muscles, has a local anti-inflammatory effect and an action on nerve electrical conduction.

What acupuncture treats

Acupuncture is mainly used to treat musculoskeletal, gynecological problems, emotional disorders and psychosomatic diseases.

Acupuncture can be used in case the fetus is in the breech position, to stimulate a rotation and its positioning in favor of the birth canal. If other points are touched and stimulated, delivery can be induced.

What benefits can acupuncture bring?

Acupuncture is an excellent therapeutic tool for pain control without the use of drugs and with virtually no side effects.

Acupuncture looks at the person as a whole.

Imagine observing a plant: what you see, branches and leaves, are the symptoms that are reported to the doctor, but that tree has roots, which represent the real hidden dysfunction, the origin of the malaise.

Acupuncture is not an alternative to traditional therapies, but it integrates with them.

It can be said that where biomedicine does not arrive, acupuncture arrives! Just think, for example, of some dermatological manifestations related to moments of stress.

Or again … take into account the fact that a person suffering from a psychological or psychophysical discomfort may also suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding at night) whose repercussions are felt at the cervical level, behind or in the lumbar area: these locations will be painful during the night or upon awakening.