June 17, 2024
Delta-8 Bundles

Delta-8 bundles are very well hidden in the game, and it’s no wonder. They’re the only type of gear that boosts your stats beyond what usually is possible for an NPC to have (they can exceed 50, especially with low-level characters). They do not become visible at all times like other class items (i.e., assassin charms). Click here https://www.exhalewell.com/delta-8-bundles/ for more details. 


The first question you might be asking is, how do I know if someone is wearing a Delta-8 bundle? Only two piece of gear in the game are known to give you bonuses when stacking one entire set:


1) Mercenary Battle Suit – unknown bonus but likely gives extra health or defense points.


2) Prototype Omega Battle Suit – unknown bonus but likely gives extra damage or attack points.


From this, we already know that Mercenary Battle Suit bonuses are the most significant of the two. Prototype Omega is merely a level 90 version of Mercenary Battle Suit with higher base defense.

Delta-8 Bundles 

The second question you might be asking is where do I find delta 8 bundles? The third question might be how can I tell if someone has a Delta-8 bundle equipped?


1) How to spot a person’s equipped battle suit

To check which piece of gear someone has equipped in specific slot, simply hover your mouse over their class icon at the top left corner of their character status screen. If they have something other than what you expect them to wear (i.. Assassin charm instead of Mercenary Battle Suit for example), they might be wearing Delta-8 bundle.


2) Where do I find a Mercenary Battle Suit?

To get your hands on a Mercenary battle suit, you must first reach level 25+ and have a minimum of 100 honor level. Then you can do daily quests from the Mercenary’s Union in Primal Square or Honored Faction . At the end of each quest chain, you will receive a chest with either one set of Mercenary suite or some other item rewards… One out of five times it drops for me is this:


As you can see above, I’m wearing both pieces of my Mercenary outfit below. You can tell by looking at the accessory slot which piece is equipped as indicated by the orange arrows above. As you can see, both Bear Bear and Puma Roar are equipped in the accessory slots.


3) How to identify a Delta-8 bundle?

To check if someone is wearing a Delta-8 bundle, you have to zoom in on their character status screen. I’ve highlighted the area that you need to hover your mouse over, then right click it.