June 17, 2024
patient care

patient care assistant singapore assists residents in long-term care institutions, hospitals, and nursing homes with their basic requirements. These assistants feed, wash, and clothe people who cannot do it on their own. They might be tasked with collecting vital signs and maintaining health records for residents. Patient care aides may assist patients with mobility issues in wheelchairs. For an overview of filling this field, see the chart below to perform phlebotomy operations, urinalysis.

A patient caregiver oversees catering to the requirements of patients while under the supervision of a medical care expert. A patient assistant’s responsibilities also include:

  • Collecting patients’ temperatures.
  • Monitoring food intake.
  • Preparing medications.
  • Recording medical conditions.
  • Aiding with lab testing and other surgical treatments.
  • Delivering information and essential updates to the patient’s family.

A patient care assistant must have great time management and multitasking abilities to execute responsibilities effectively and properly.

Here are some duties from genuine patient care assistant resumes that depict typical tasks they would be expected to complete in their employment.

patient care assistant singapore

Some Instances Of Duties

  • PCA should be conducted and facilitated. conduct group activities as they are planned
  • Take vital signs while doing ECGs.
  • Train new CNAs on the quality requirements of the health care atmosphere’s communal living and service orientation.
  • In the case of a cardiac or pulmonary arrest, initiate basic CPR techniques and respond to dialysis-related emergencies.
  • Answering call lights, vital signs, EKGs, moving patients to different locations, and keeping rooms clean and tidy is all part of the job.
  • Earn credit for providing exceptional, compassionate companion care and clear communication about the disease in both mental and physical illness.
  • Extensive knowledge of EHR and NexGen.
  • Colostomy bags should be checked, and IVs and catheters should be removed.
  • Before admission, authorize all hospice as well as home health appointments.

The patient care assistant singapore training is available at many vocational schools and community colleges through nurse technician, patient care technician, or personal care assistant/technician programs. Before acceptance, some programs may demand a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or Certified Home Health Aide, but others may merely require a diploma or GED equivalent.

These programs are designed to prepare graduates for homes, hospitals, general surgical units, and nursing homes. Lab work, lectures, and clinical rotations are common training components, as are courses in pre-and post-operative care, anatomy, nutrition, and physiology. Medical assistant training programs cover medical language, pharmacology, laboratory techniques, and physiology. Most of these patient care assistant programs prepare graduates to sit for the certification examinations.