June 17, 2024
Dandelions tea Key to a healthy life

Dandelions (Artemisia abrotanum), a medicinal plant with great nutritional and medicinal properties, is common in the Czech Republic. It has a great taste and helps with detoxification of the organism. It is also called as dekkel in English, indicating the ability to dissolve everything, as well as a field herb, which leads to the formation of a spontaneous form of dandelion.Dandelions have a high content of vitamins A and C, and the flavonoid quercetin, which is helpful in strengthening the immune system and alleviating liver and heart diseases. Its high levels of calcium and potassium help to regulate blood pressure and the balance of electrolytes in the body.

The dandelion plant is easy to grow and can be kept in the garden throughout the year, but it prefers soil with humus. Dandelions contain a lot of minerals and help detoxify the organism. Their alkalizing effect on the human body cleanses the digestive tract and improves the metabolic function of the liver. The dandelion’s long-standing use as a medicinal herb has been attributed to the plant’s ability to help rid the body of “poisons.”

dandelion tea

The health benefits of dandelions are the same as those for chamomile:

  • anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic
  • relaxing
  • dissolves toxins
  • liver cleansing
  • wonderful tonic for all systems of the body

Baking dandelion tea is easy and cheap! In the Czech Republic, it have been used for thousands of years as a tonic and cure for a wide variety of illnesses. They have long been considered a “field herb” and are widely distributed throughout Central Europe.

Most plants contain alkaloids and glycosides, but not all plants are good for human use. When these compounds are absorbed by the body they interfere with the body’s basic function, causing allergic reactions, irritation and even damaging the liver, kidneys and nervous system.

Dandelions are one of the most effective plants for cleansing the liver and it has an outstanding and versatile effect on the body.

It is widely used to cleanse the liver, strengthen the stomach and to eliminate toxins from the body. When used correctly, it can bring a tonic effect on the nervous system, the immune system, the skin, the stomach and liver, which are the most important organs in a healthy organism.

The leaves, flowers and roots of dandelions are a good source for healing the digestive tract, to alleviate respiratory tract infections, to strengthen the immune system and for the treatment of a number of stomach diseases.