June 15, 2024
Hair Removal Treatment

IPL hair removal was just hidden for those salons until today, which is given a shout. Using IPL technology, the hair removal treatment turned a buzz for a new hair removal solution. The treatment gives smoothness to the skin. Millions of women are using the treatment.

What is IPL?

Is it proper to say that IPL is the future of hair removal? Well, the future is here. With it, you must see and discover for yourself how effective this type of hair removal treatment is. Who does the IPL work and what does it mean? Below, you will understand through reading the definition of IPL along with its benefits.

IPL is an acronym for Intense Pulsed Light, a technology designed for hair removal solutions. The IPL device applies gentle pulses of light to the roots of the hair. The device helps the hair goes into the resting phase; it gradually falls out and gradually grows less hair on that body area. The smoothness will last for a long time too.

A whopping 8 weeks gives you the freedom from the hair, after the first four tournaments. The hair removal treatment is not just intended for the legs either, but also to safely treat the underarms, face, and bikini. IPL takes the place of shavers, epilators, and wax treatments.

When you follow some treatment schedule, individual results may vary.

IPL hair removal

How does this hair removal treatment work?

How does IPL work? Well, the question sounds interesting. For the details, IPL works thanks to the pigment in the hair called melanin. Melanin helps the hair to absorb the light from the flashes and then stimulates it to go to its resting phase. It leaves you with smooth and hair-free skin.

Is it possible to do IPL hair removal at home? Yes, using the device when doing the treatment at home needs knowledge upon doing so. Although there are no complex steps to use the device, still, you need to know the appropriate function and how to operate it.

Here are the steps when using IPL:

  1. Shave, wax, or epilate the area where the hair will be removed. When you choose to war or epilate, make sure you do it the day before doing the treatment.
  2. Choose the right light intensity for the skin tone.
  3. Power on the device and wait for the light.
  4. Press the flash button on the device
  5. Move to the next spot – as easy as that

If this is your first time using the device, these steps can be a big help for you. But, if you are not confident about doing it by yourself, you can go to the salon where they offer the said service. With them, they can perform the hair removal treatment easily and accurately.

Leave your skin beautifully with a flawlessly white look without any hair.