June 17, 2024

Emergency contraceptive pill are a method of preventing yourself from getting pregnant. There are many precautions available for preventing pregnancy after having sex and contraceptive pills is one of them. People have many queries related to emergency contraceptive pill like. How many different types of emergency contraceptive pill are available and their differences? Is it is okay if one takes the pill during pregnancy? Do these have any effect on pregnancy? So let us find answer for these questions.

Emergency contraceptive pill and periods: contraceptive pills cause delay in the monthly process. After taking a birth control pill, it will take a month to get back to regular menstrual cycle. The pills are sometimes useful as they prevent the period when going for an important outing. Some women might take three to four months to get back to normal menstrual cycle, in that case consults your doctor.

Pills and conceiving: If you are a regular consumer of pills then do not conceive without doctor’s permission as pills lead to abnormal menstrual cycle and if you conceive at that time then there become chances for miscarriage. Some women start having the proper menses after four weeks while some take long time; so it is advisable to consult your doctor before conceiving.

Types of contraceptive pills: Different types of emergency contraceptive pill have different pros and cons so one must choose wisely. Everyone using pills should have a little knowledge about the types of emergency contraceptive pill and their differences.

Combinational pills: these pills are most commonly used contraceptive pills. These have many other benefits as well like enhancing the immunity for the ovarian cancer, solving the genital problems, reducing the pain during monthly process etc. on the contrary it has some side effects like blockage in veins, blood clots and heat failures. These are further divided into two types on the basis of use:

  1. Conventional pills
  2. Extended dose

On the basis of composition:

  1. Monophasic: it contains the same amount of estrogen and progesterone
  2. Multiphasic: the composition here varies from tablet to tablet.

This pill prevents the ovaries from releasing the eggs and does not let the fusion to happen.

Mini pills: these are made only form progesterone and do not contain estrogen. It also suppresses the fusion of sperms and eggs. The women who breast feed their kids should use these pills as these do not affect the milk concentration of breast.