June 17, 2024
Home-Based Consultant

Heroes Home Doctor delivers high-standard healthcare into your comfort home. They provide home visits and Telehealth. The GP will cater some emergency cases like check-up, and immunization of the patients. This website will help the patients to book an appointment together with the doctors for home consultation. They offered some services of mental health, palliative care, women’s health, and more.

In booking online at https://www.heroeshomedoctor.com.au/ you will deal with a receptionist. Afterward, they have GP services to the patients by caring for a team and ensuring you have a healthy and happy lifestyle. You can book a home visit online or Telehealth for you to stay at home.

What Home Doctor Services provide you?

In a regular GP, it is more inconvenient and you will have to deal with the receptions and travel your kids to the clinic for a check-up. Then, you will spend about half an hour in the waiting room. If everything is urgent and you want to cater immediately, it’s much better to browse hereĀ  https://www.heroeshomedoctor.com.au/ for you to look and deserve better. These are the services in home visit consultation such as Men and Women’s Health, GP services, children’s health also immunizations, mental health, chronic diseases, palliative care, and much more.

home visit doctor

How to book online and how does it work?

Since 2012, this was pioneered by GP services to the surf coast of the community in Australia. The Heroes Home Doctors offers a combination of old-school and modern technology from hassle-free healthcare providers. Over the years, the Heroes will have diverse skills on a common goal like exceptional tailored healthcare in your home. However, these are the steps for booking an appointment such as:

  • You have to call 1800 for the best GP or book online.
  • After you call, the receptionist will get all your details and medical concerns.

When your appointment is already scheduled, the receptionist will ask you about the time if you need a home visit or a telehealth consult.

  • You can call if there are some changes like your medical conditions and health status that you need to inform.
  • Patients’ forms should be completed and filled out in the New Patient Registration Form.
  • It is your time of appointment. If you require a prescription, it will be sent in via eScript.
  • If you are required for a Telehealth appointment, The Doctors will give you it through a video link.

What is a Telehealth consultation?

This following telehealth consultation is available for all Medicare card holders. If you are non-medical card holders, you will be referred to a Fees- Non-Medicare of Card Holders.

The following fees for every gap such as:

  • 10 minutes of consultation is about $20, Concession and pension card will be $10.
  • 20 minutes of consultation is about $65, and $70 private.