June 17, 2024
Male Fertility Test Malaysia

Beginning a family is an exhilarating life milestone. Nevertheless, conceiving does not appear always a painless process. Infertility impacts an estimated 15% of couples roughly to the world. Generally, when you think of infertility, you are usually quick to conclude the problem, only be situated with the woman. Yet, men are also responsible for infertility in approximately 20 – 30% of these cases and, it is now growing with 50% of cases in general. Though a variety of circumstances can cause infertility, the rate of sperm is generally a major deciding factor in fertility.

What Is A Semen Analysis In Male Fertility Test?

Sperm testing or male fertility test malaysia is typically recommended when a couple shares difficulties in getting pregnant. The fertility test enables a doctor to determine if a lower sperm count is a primary concern affecting a man’s fertility. Men’s semen analysis is commonly directed to a sperm count examination, which analyses the stability of a man’s sperm.

male fertility test malaysia

Male sperm test explores three primary characteristics of sperm health condition:

Sperm count – If you try to conceive intrinsically, sperm count requires to know its health. An average sperm count ranges starts around 15 million – to 200 million sperm per millilitre (ml) of male semen. Under 15 million per ml sperm count or, 39 million sperm count per ejaculation, is supposed to be descending. This low sperm count is known as oligospermia.

Sperm morphology –sperm Morphology correlates to the shape and size of sperm and how it is seen under the observation of a microscope. Fit sperm is basically an oval-shaped head with a long tail. Unfit sperm face trouble to reach, enter, and fertilise the women egg. Healthy sperm contain a minimum of standard 4% sperm with normal morphology.

Sperm motility – Lower sperm motility directs to the incapacity of the sperm to proceed efficiently and swiftly toward the egg. Fit sperm motility is defined as sperm with a forward motion of a minimum of 25 micrometres/ second. Deficient sperm mobility, known as asthenozoospermia or asthenospermia, is one of the great reasons for male infertility. Sperm Motility can show itself as non-progressive or less than 5 micrometres/ second, gradual movement or, under 25 micrometres/ second or maybe completely immobile sperm.

When it comes to male infertility or male fertility test malaysia, the thought of taking late time to drive into the doctor’s chamber for sperm count testing can be confirmed to be a discouraging and intimidating incident for some men. By leveraging the most delinquent and advanced innovative technologies, some home sperm testing entitles men to secretly provide their semen samples for research in the consolations of their homes.

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