June 15, 2024
Corona Virus Disease And Increase Awareness

In the year 2019, the entire world was hit by the pandemic resulting from the spreading of the coronavirus in the body of humans. This disease was first of all detected in the country of China and later spread to the entire world slowly and then all of a sudden. It is also known as COVID19 which is an acronym for the same accompanied by the year it was first noticed. it is important to recognize the symptoms of the disease to get rid of it as fast as possible. There are certain precautions and steps which you can take to slow down the virus.

What are the visible symptoms of coronavirus disease and how to identify them?

The most apparent symptoms of the COVID19 disease are very similar to that of the flu. However, the fever can go very high and you might also feel difficulty in breathing. You must always carry tools to make sure that your body has enough levels of oxygen. In case your oxygen goes down you must seek professional help as soon as possible.

What are the steps which you can take to stop the spreading of the virus?

It is general information that the coronavirus spreads from one person to another. In other words, it is a communicable disease. There are certain precautions that you must always take to slow down the virus and to keep you and your family safe. Some of them can be found listed below:

  • Stay clean: It is very important for you to always stay in a hygienic place. Make sure that you always wash your hands before having a meal and also avoid touching your face. If you go outside you must not touch other people which is why you must always follow social distancing.
  • Wear a mask: The virus can travel in the air through the nose and mouth if you are too close to other people. This is why you must always wear a mask if you are heading out or meeting other people. This will keep your face safe and not allow the virus to enter your body by air.
  • Avoid crowds: The coronavirus can easily spread from one pace to another. So, it is obvious that the more people you meet the more chances you would have to procure the disease.

So, from the given information you can understand why it is important for you to get vaccinated and take all necessary precautions to prevent the spreading of COVID19.