June 15, 2024

The expert Sense therapists have put together an expert guide to teach you everything you need to know about 스웨디시 massage, whether you’re new to it or just want to learn more about it. Get all your questions answered, from what to expect from a treatment to where Swedish massage originated. For relaxation and holistic therapeutic purposes, Swedish massage uses classic massage techniques to manipulate soft tissue.

The theory of applying pressure to meridian points on the body to release tension is the basis of many Western massage practices, including acupressure massage, aromatherapy massage, and reflexology. Each therapist begins their practice with the four main techniques used in 스웨디시 massage, which are the basis for nearly every other type of massage therapy. Four main movements are used to relieve muscle pain, improve circulation, and make you feel more relaxed.

Swedish massage history

While it seems that Swedish massage does not come (single-handedly) from Sweden, it is certain that this practice did not originate there. It is always inaccurate to say that one person founded any massage because several influencing factors and cultures help to create a genre of massage. Swedish massage, however, is not generally accepted as the most influential discipline in its field and there is no reliable evidence that this is the case. The origin of Swedish massage is often wrongly credited to Per Henrik Ling, but Johann Georg Mezger may actually have had a greater impact. Although Swedish massage focuses on anatomy and uses massage to stretch and treat muscles to aid recovery, it has generally been accepted as a more Western form of massage.

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Swedish massage: what to expect?

The first thing your therapist should do is make sure you are fit and well and make sure to inform them of any health issues you may be experiencing. A Swedish massage is traditionally conducted on a couch with oils applied. The therapist will then use the different movements we explained above, applying pressure according to your needs. Please inform the therapist if the treatment hurts, so that they can adjust the pressure. A relaxing treatment such as this is usually recommended. On-site massage, Indian head massage, and reflexology all use Swedish massage techniques, although not in corporate settings.

What makes Swedish massage so popular?

The following benefits can be derived from Swedish massage:

  • Management of pain
  • The relaxation processes
  • Greater circulation of blood
  • Fatigue reduction
  • Depression and anxiety are reduced

A full body massage is also said to have the equivalent sleep time of 8 hours.