June 17, 2024

Maintaining personal hygiene is a major part of the health routine. Personal hygiene is the most important part of maintaining good health as well. Without personal hygiene, there is a chance of occurring various problems that may affect the health of a person very much. Body hairs are small hairs that cover the whole body. The most important function of the body hair is to protect the skin and prevent the body from the cold by acting as insulation. But with the growing fashion people are removing the body hairs to make their skin glow more. There are several methods to remove body hair. Many salons are providing such services. Salons such as ipl hair removal salons are very common in the present day. They provide their customers with all the facilities to go through the process of hair removal.

How to get rid of the body hair

  • There are many procedures to remove body hairs. Some of the methods are temporary methods while some of them are permanent methods where the hairs are removed permanently. The ipl hair removal salons are quite popular nowadays. More and more people are opting for these methods.
  • The ipl hair removal method is a semi-permanent hair removal method in which the whole process is conducted in multiple stages. In the initial stage, about 70% of the hair is removed from the body but they reappear as the follicles for the hair growth are active. Hence, the treatment has to be done in a less time difference but as the treatment is continued regularly the hair growth decreases and the procedure has to be done once every six to twelve months.
  • IPL takes almost six sessions to remove the hair by 70% permanently. The main principle of this process is to stop the hair growth of the body by killing the hair follicles on the skin so that after the treatment the follicles could not produce any more new hairs. These hair follicles are killed by the laser used in the IPL.

This process is favored over other hair removal methods such as shaving or waxing as these methods are time-consuming and new hairs are produced almost immediately after carrying out the process. While in the IPL, the hair removed takes much more time to grow back or there are no chances of hair growth and also it is less time taking. Hence, they are highly favored by the people.