June 17, 2024
Here’s What You Should Expect When Visiting the Emergency Room

Visiting the emergency room can be scary especially if you have never been to one before. All the attention that you are getting from the ER staff, the tests requested, and all the questions that are being asked over and over by the staff can be overwhelming. That is why if your primary physician advised you to come in, it is best that you are prepared on what to expect.

The Emergency Room

The ER is a department of a hospital or a medical center. Going to the ER and the doctor’s clinic provides a totally different experience. Unlike when you visit the doctors’ clinic, the ER does not usually require you to set an appointment. But there are ERs that would recommend for you to set up an appointment if it’s not an emergency situation, especially during this pandemic. This way, they can provide you with the right doctor who can assist you thoroughly.

Arriving At The ER

Once you arrive at the ER, you cannot get inside right away. A triage nurse will assist you. They are trained and experienced in emergency care. Your complaints will be taken. You have to be clear about your symptoms. Never guess or make it up. Whatever you share will be used to diagnose and treat you later on. The nurse will also take your vital signs. This includes your blood pressure, pulse rate, and temperature. Necessary X-rays or lab work might be requested too. 


Receiving Emergency Care

Once you are at the ER a team of medical professionals will take care of you. If you are having an emergency situation, blood work, X-rays, and other necessary tests will be done right away. You will also be provided first aid medication if needed. It is important that you have your health insurance card with you to cover any ER fees and tests.

You will have to wait for the results before you will see a doctor who specializes in treating your condition. If there are any changes, the nurse in charge will let you know. Depending on the results of your tests, the doctor will advise you if you can go home with a prescription for your medications, or you need to stay for observation.

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